Franchise the Slam

SLAMBoston, Diverse Voices in Theatre, put Another Country Productions on the MAP in Boston. Now you can franchise the model–use the name, get recommended plays, and guidebook for setting up the event along with an emcee script.

Our Audience Applauds

“SLAMBoston” is a plus for the city of Boston. A unique theater experience that is entertaining yet deals with important contemporary issues. I enjoyed every minute.” said Carin Doben, of the North Shore.

“The acting this month was as good as what I’ve seen in New York,” said Alice Leidner, audience member at the March Meisner Slam.

“Every month I come gives me hope,” said Sue Streeter of Arlington. “All these voices that don’t usually get heard playing together in one night.”

Larry Stark's Theatre Mirror Review

This night turned out to be the real Hit of the week. Eight brand new plays, none of them over fourteen-minutes long, were given the Olympic-Judging treatment, with five judges giving 9.3 – 8.95 scores and Lyralen Kaye acting as breakneck ringmaster for the evening. Casts and directors had only a few weeks of pick-up rehearsals, but on all levels — scripts, direction, performances — there was solid work everywhere. The competition aspect borrowed from t-v — as did the fast pace of the evening (I was out by 10:15). And I even agreed with the cumulative-scores winner!
           Don’t miss their next one! I know I won’t.