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The result was an afternoon of theater that amply demonstrated love’s highways and byways is a topic that’s arrived safely into the 21st. Some of the one-acts were hilarious, others disturbing. Every one of them got you to thinking about the intricacies of the hearts of men and women.

– The Kay Bourne Arts Report, February 3, 2011

The Color of Film Collaborative, Inc.

Kay Bourne


Another Country Productions and Factory Theatre do full justice to Pinter’s vivid exploration of time and love in “Betrayal.”

– Bay Windows, May 26, 2010

By Jules Becker


 The driving force behind this production is superb acting.

– Boston Tab, May 25, 2010

By Sheila Barths

 Saint John the Divine in Iowa

 The audience knows it is in for something special right from the Reverend’s opening sermon, which Kaye delivers as effortlessly as if she were making off-the-cuff remarks at a friend’s dinner party.  In scene after scene, the cast eschews theatrics for underplayed moments of intimacy.

– New England Theatre Geek

Craig Idlebrook, March, 2012

 Reverend Alex’s inner conflict as mother and minister develops convincingly as the pressures brought by her conservative church move in a collision course with her determination to support her daughter’s needs.

– The Bay State Banner, March 2012

Jules Becker

SLAMBoston, Diverse Voices in Theatre

This night turned out to be the real Hit of the week. Eight brand new plays, none of them over fourteen-minutes long, were given the Olympic-Judging treatment— scripts, direction, performances — there was solid work everywhere. Another Country Productions company has managed to make these into Must-See evenings of high-voltage theatrics.
Don’t miss their next one! I know I won’t.

Theatre Mirror

Larry Stark, That Was the Week that Was